2006 Annual Summer Banquet

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The Oklahoma State Game Warden Association held its annual summer banquet June 3rd at the Holiday Inn in Norman. The event started with a scramble golf tournament headed up by US Fish and Wildlife Agent Jerry Monroe. Prizes were given for lowest score and a closest to the pin contest. A noon on Saturday, all the ladies met at Joe’s Crab Shack for a luncheon and fellowship. A good time was had by all the ladies during their time together. At 2 pm the Association members met for their business meeting. Senator Jeff Rabon attended the meeting and spoke briefly to the members. Sen. Rabon has been trying to help us get merit protected and has always been a friend of the Game Wardens. Rabon was given a plaque by the Association for his support. Our lobbyist Bruce Robertson also attended and spoke about what he has been doing in recent months. Several members voiced their opinions on different matters, a financial report was given, and it was decided to elect a retired Warden to sit on the board to represent this growing segment of our membership.

At 6pm folks began meeting at the ballroom for the evening festivities. Over 170 persons were in attendance at the evening banquet. OSGWA President Tony Clark opened with a few words as the meal was served. During the evening many door prizes were given away including around 20 guns. Special awards given out that night included Cherokee County Assistant District Attorney Donovan Dobbs named as the OSGWA district attorney of the year, businessman David Lee was recognized for his support for the game wardens of Oklahoma, and Senator Jeff Rabon was also recognized for his legislative efforts to help make our jobs better. During the night, SGW Shane Fields, his wife Benella, and their daughter Madison gave the Association a big thank you for the support given by the Association during the birth of Madison, who was born several weeks premature. Benella gave a heart felt speech that brought tears to many eyes. This event was a prime example of the Association helping out one of its own. Entertainment for the night was provided by a local magician who performed numerous magic tricks to the delight of all the youngsters in attendance. SGW Lark Wilson was drafted to help out and did an outstanding job. Overall the banquet was a huge success and plans are already being made for next year’s event.

OSGWA President Tony Clark presents David Lee with a special recognition award.  Mr. Lee is a big supporter of the OSGWA.
Assistant District Attorney Donovan Dobbs with 2nd. District Game wardens.  Mr. Dobbs was selected as the OSGWA District Attorney of the year.
Ladies Luncheon held at Joe's Crab Shack.  Look at the Smiles
OSGWA President Tony Clark addresses the crowd.
SGW Lark Wilson Assisting the night's entertainment, a local magician.
SGW Shane Fields, wife Benella and daughter Madison.  The Fields thanked the OSGWA for financial help following the birth of Madison.
Senator Jeff Rabon with his plaque thanking him for his support of the Warden's Association.
Group shots of those at the banquet.
Golfers that participated in the golf tourney.



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